Beltane Farm and Wagtail House


 The Beltane Farm property was first established in 1915 and the original farmhouse built Circa 1920.  The current owners have been in possession since 2004 and the farmhouse has since been renovated and renamed “Wagtail House after the Willy Wagtails that inhabit the gardens.

The house is set within 116 acres of mixed pasture and rain-forest containing various bird species such as Victoria’s Rifle Bird, Kookaburras, King Parrots and Rainbow Lorikeets to name but a few.  The shy and elusive Lumholtz tree Kangaroo has been sighted on occasion and Platypus inhabit the properties dam during the rainy season.  the farm runs a small herd of cattle, sheep and a flock of farmyard fowl including chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Approximately 3 acres of garden surround the house with uninterrupted views of Mt. Bartle-frere from many vantage points for most of the year.  Several walks are available both within and on the road surrounding the property.